Real Estate Tips July 18, 2022

Paying for Senior Care

I was recently contacted by a representative, Olivia, with, and I thought I should share some of their information here for those of you who may benefit from it, whether that be you or an elderly family member or friend. While speaking with Olivia, I learned that older Americans are one of the rapidly-growing demographics in our country. According to the US Census Bureau, 16.5% of the population are seniors. As this figure continues to grow, so will the need for appropriate housing. There are a number of different options available for housing and senior care, and it is up to aging adults and their loved one to decide which best fits their needs. I am including some links that Olivia shared with me below regarding some of those options.



It is obvious that comfortable, secure living environments are vital for all of us to thrive,  and that is even more true as we age. It is never too soon to start planning for your future, or helping loved ones plan for theirs. I hope you find this information helpful. If you need further assistance navigating the Real Estate world while planning for senior care, please know that I am here to help and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Talk to you soon,